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June 14, 2017

Recent Programs
Spring was a busy time! We ran more than a dozen programs and have included some highlights below!
Webinar: Are You Seeking Rest and Renewal? Restore Your Spirit in Nature 

The Center’s first webinar was a great success! We had 30 registrants, 15 live participants who readily engaged with the theme. In the words of one participant "When I heard you were going to mount a webinar for the Center for Spirituality in...

March 20, 2017

Early spring is an ambivalent time. Vestiges of winter can still appear – cold temperatures, icy streams, a late snowfall, bare trees, brown and seemingly lifeless fields. At the same time, signs of spring are here, too --- the sap is beginning to run, snow melt is causing rivers to swell, birds are belting out their courting melodies.

​​As much as we would like for spring to come quickly, nature will not be rushed. It is a m...

December 12, 2016

As I was hiking through the woods a few days ago in the Blue Ridge Mountains, I came around a corner and was completely gob-smacked by the view. With the leaves off the trees, I was able to take in 240 degrees of mountains and forest and sky. I was quite literally breath-less at this sight. And I knew – really knew in every fiber of my being – that God was there. In that place. Through that place. Beyond that place.

When I ca...

December 12, 2016

Take a few deep breaths. Close your eyes. Slowly scan through your body head to toe, identifying any tension, tightness or pain. Do a brief check-in with your mood. Are you happy, anxious, fearful, neutral? Breathe in and out slowly and methodically, paying close attention to the breath itself. Feel it come into your nose and see if you can follow it as it moves through your body all the way through exhalation. 

When you...

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