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As we continue to provide our spirituality in nature programs, we are taking all precautions consistent with federal, state and local Covid-19 guidelines.


Center-Led Events


Image by Aaron Burden

Seasonal Spiritual Nature Walks

We have adapted our local seasonal walk programs into five printable self-guided curricula to be used by individuals or groups anywhere and anytime.

Self-Guided Materials 

Now Available


The Spiritual Wisdom of Trees: Self-Guided

Online, Self-paced

Now Open

A provocative 6-part program examining the ancient wisdom trees offer us for living into our deep spiritual and ecological connections with each other and Earth. 

Image by John Dancy

Custom Programs

Inquire for Availability

Founder & Executive Director Beth Norcross is available to give talks, programs and retreats offering nature’s wisdom for living with connection, resilience, joy and hope. Learn more about Beth's speaking here.

In-Person or Online


Swirling autumn leaves_edited.jpg

Autumn: Finding Sabbath in Nature

Available Now

Self-Guided Resource

Download this step-by-step pdf guide to leading a spiritual 2-3 hour nature walk in autumn. Includes a backgrounder on spirituality in autumn, suggested spiritual practices, quotes, solo time and more.


Wild Gathering: Using Our Autumn Walk Self-Guide

Sept. 27, 7 - 8pm ET

FREE Online Discussion

Join this conversation led by Beth Norcross and Payton Hoegh for a primer on the Autumn Walk Self-Guide including naturalist tips, a centering practice experience and Q&A time. 


The Spiritual Wisdom of Trees: Guided Weekly Program

Online with Weekly Calls

Thursdays, Oct. 5 - Nov. 9

Experience this provocative program in a guided 6-week format, meeting weekly with the program authors and other participants to explore and discuss the week's theme together.


Women's Slow Forest Bathing Backpacking

Michaux State Forest, PA

Oct. 6 - 8

Journey with us on a mindful Slow Forest Bathing Backpacking Trip to experience first-hand what nature teaches us about hope and spiritual resilience. 

Bench by the lake on an autumn’s day_edi

Guided Autumn Walk: Finding Sabbath in Nature

Oct. 28, 3pm PT 

Charmlee Wilderness Park

As the days grow short and temperatures cool, the natural world is preparing for a season of rest and renewal. In this time of focused attention on all it takes to thrive, join us for a contemplative walk and experience at Charmlee Wilderness Park in Malibu.

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Start SINGing:  Spirituality in Nature Group Leaders' Training


Join a growing network of enriching Spirituality in Nature Groups by forming your own SING! This comprehensive Group Leaders’ Training will help you get started.

Nov. 4, 1 - 4pm ET

Image by OC Gonzalez

SING Leadership Quarterly Gathering

Q4 - Nov 30, 7pm ET

Join with fellow SING leaders in community to share, learn and grow together. Payton Hoegh will lead this gathering meant to support and enrich those leading SING groups.



Local SING Events

Portland Riverfront, CT
Middletown Gaian Guild
Ventura, CA
St. Paul's SING
Johnson City, TN
Shakti in the Mountains
Mohawk, MI
U.P. Wild Church
Houston, TX
Wild Ministry
Ventura, CA
St. Paul's SING
Ventura, CA
St. Paul's SING
Ventura, CA
St. Paul's SING

The Center for Spirituality in Nature’s programs support people in awakening, deepening, and mindfully living out the Spiritual connection they find through nature.


I felt so strongly that I needed to be outdoors and not alone. I felt God's presence immediately. Finding all the signs of life and the coming spring in the frozen setting gave me hope. Your walks were God's gift to me at the start of a difficult journey. I will always be grateful.
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