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About Us

Our Mission

The Center for Spirituality in Nature provides opportunities for deepening spirituality through nature and for nurturing loving relationships with the Earth. Through spiritual re-awakening, re-grounding and re-orientation, we mindfully participate in the healing of the Earth community of which we are called to be a loving part. 

Our Philosophy

We are called to participate in the Divine Mystery inherent in our sacred local landscapes. Through mindfulness, meditation, attentiveness and exploration, we come to know this ecological community, delight in it, listen to its wisdom, and participate in its healing.


We live in a time of extraordinary ecological challenge. As we form sacred communities together, in which humans see themselves as loving participants within a rich web of creation, we absorb the wisdom needed to heal our human selves and renew our broken relationship with the Earth. Together, we hold grief, loss, responsibility as well as resilience and hope.


We are helping to lead an exciting transformation in our own sacred Potomac River Watershed, and throughout the nation, for an expansive re-examination and re-imagining of our deep relationship with the Earth and with the Divine Spirit that animates it.

Our Programs

We offer a variety of programs, classes, webinars, talks, gatherings and resources, for both individuals and groups, designed to reconnect us with, and live into, our deeply rooted relationship with our sacred Earth community and the Divine Spirit that enlivens it.


Our programs are especially oriented towards helping participants integrate mindfulness and attentiveness to the Divine in nature into their everyday lives. We welcome those who come from within, and outside of, traditional faith communities.


I am constantly in a state of awe, wonder, doubt and unsure of how best to use this "one wild and precious life". Being involved with your efforts along with my contemplative pockets of time are the moments I feel I’m doing the right thing.
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