Spirituality in Nature Groups

Forming a Spirituality in Nature Group (SING) is a great way to explore spirituality in nature and learn about your local sacred ground with others. Whether it complements your other spiritual communities or is your primary spiritual community, there is much to be gained by exploring together, exchanging ideas and sharing reflections. 

Start SINGing!

Start Your Own Group

Starting a local Spirituality in Nature Group (“SING”) can be easy and rewarding. Here are a few ideas for how to get started:

  • Purchase our Start SINGing:Forming Your Own Spirituality in Nature workbook for step-by-step guidance.
  • Check our calendar for upcoming training workshops -- online or in-person.
  • Start with a core group – even just a few people – who are willing to make a three to six month commitment.
  • Meet at a specific time, e.g. 9 a.m. to 12:00 noon on the first Saturday of the month.
  • Try to meet at the same place, at least at first, for continuity’s sake. (Plus it’s fun to watch the seasonal changes in one location.)
  • Commit to leading for the first few months, then experiment with altering leadership. You don’t need a degree in theology or ecology, just an openness to what the Creator and the creation have to offer!
  • Set up a regular email list or Facebook page to communicate with your group. Share information about nature sightings or interesting insights between meetings.
  • Have a rough plan or theme for each meeting but allow enough flexibility to be open to seeing what nature has to teach you about Spirit.
  • Be willing to go in any weather – if possible.
  • Use Meetup to find existing groups or to start your own.
  • Check out local nature groups, federal, state and local governments for locations of local natural areas as well as ecological information about your area.
  • Check out local theological schools and their libraries for more information on spirituality and ecology.

Join an Existing Group

Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist SING Bethesda, MD Contact: Chris Graham God and the Great Outdoors Foundry United Methodist Church Washington, D.C. Contact: Avery Davis Mt. Olivet United Methodist Church SING Arlington, VA Contact: Jaydee Hanson Potomac River SING! Fairlington United Methodist Church Alexandria, VA Contact: Devon Earle River Road UU SING! River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation Bethesda, MD Contact: Charlotte Moser Sydenstricker UMC (SUMC) SING! Sydenstricker United Methodist Church Springfield, VA Contact: Kimberly Barker-Brugman The MuniSING Munising, MI
Contact: Andrea Chynoweth Unity Center of Peace in Chapel Hill SING Chapel Hill, NC Contact: Chris Geith Please let us know if you set up a SING so we can add it to our site and let others know about it.

Check out our step-by-step guide: Start SINGing

Start SINGing: Forming Your Own Spirituality in Nature Group is a complete, step-by-step guide to starting and maintaining a regular Spirituality in Nature Group (SING). This comprehensive manual includes logistical guidance, suggested itineraries, a year's worth of curriculum, suggested readings and activities, and planning resources that can be adapted to many different ecosystems, organizations and faith traditions. Check out this inside peek!

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