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Phoenix in the Garden

Spring introduces itself in so many wonderful ways—through warmer weather, longer days, and a world that seems to burst into life after the gray of winter. Many of us spend the cold months waiting for a specific treasured sight, sound, or scent that will mean spring has finally come. Such deep attention to wild companions helps us attune to ecological rhythms and, whether they consistently align with our expectations or strike us with the unanticipated, they offer lessons through the seasons on resilience, hope, and the sacred in each and every thing.

Today, Program Director Payton Hoegh shares a story of a cherished plum tree in his garden whose blooms herald the arrival of spring, a season when he feared its blossoms might never come, and the wisdom of spring that this wild friend represents.


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Beth Norcross and Leah Rampy with lead an online program titled, "The Spiritual Wisdom of Trees" beginning September 29, 2023

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Thanks for your heartfelt and wise reflection on spring and for sharing the Herman Hesse passage Payton.

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Hesse's Trees is a constant companion these days. So much beauty and wisdom in that text. A lovely confidant for walks in the woods!

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