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Embracing Winter—Finding Hope

Saturday, February 25
1 - 3 pm

Bundle up and join us as we explore the resilience and hope that nature displays during its most challenging months.


As we move through this vulnerable time, we'll spend time with the winter woods to see what cues might be offered from the bare and frigid winter landscape.


We are thrilled to offer 3 options for participating!

  • In-person, Washington, D.C. area

  • In-person, Los Angeles, CA area 

  • Self-guided 

Center guides will lead walks in the Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles, California, areas. We will also be offering a Self-Guided copy of our walk agenda to those who would like to gather a group together and go on their own.

For Center-led events, spots are limited so sign up soon. We will follow all CDC recommendations for Covid-19 at the time of the walk. 

Note: As always, we don’t want to preclude anyone from participating due to cost. If you need a break on the price, please email Meighan.

Washington, D.C. Area Walk

Led by Beth Norcross. Inspired by Spirit in Nature.

We will walk slowly and contemplatively through the Turkey Run Park woodlands along the Potomac River near McLean, VA. View the event registration page to learn more. 

Feb. 25, 1 - 3 pm ET

Turkey Run Park in McLean, VA

Los Angeles, CA Area Walk

Led by Payton Hoegh. Inspired by Spirit in Nature.

Join us for a contemplative walk along the California Coast. View the event registration page to learn more. 

Feb. 25, 1 - 3 pm PT

Charmlee Wilderness Park,

Malibu, CA

Self-Guided Walk

Use our suggested schedule, spiritual practices, and quotes on your own or with a group as you experience the winter woods and all it has to offer in your local sacred ground. View the registration page to learn more. 

Take some photos to share! Use #SpiritualityinNature.


I am constantly in a state of awe, wonder, doubt and unsure of how best to use this "one wild and precious life". Being involved with your efforts along with my contemplative pockets of time are the moments I feel I’m doing the right thing.
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