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Deepening Oneness with the Divine and Earth


The Center for Spirituality in Nature provides opportunities for deepening spirituality through nature, and for nurturing loving relationships with the Earth.

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We offer outdoor programs, walks and gatherings designed to give participants the space and the tools to explore mindful attentiveness to the Divine in nature.

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Trained in theology, spirituality and ecology, Executive Director, Beth Norcross is available for keynote talks, workshops or retreats.


We offer books, articles, helpful hints and specific practices to help you, and your community, integrate spirituality in nature into busy lifestyles.

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Spirituality in Nature Groups

Forming a Spirituality in Nature Group (SING) is a great way to explore spirituality in nature and learn about your local sacred ground with others. 


Upcoming Events


Entering Darkness Together: Honoring the Winter Solstice

Multiple Locations

Dec. 17

3 - 5pm

Take a moment to breathe during the busy holiday season, and join us as we honor this shortest day of the year and experience both the darkness and the Light it offers.

Aerial View of River

Spirituality & Eco-Justice on the Anacostia

Online + Field Trips

Select Tuesdays, Jan. 24 - May 2

6:30 - 8:30pm ET

Presented by Wesley Theological Seminary, earn seminary credit or CEUs with this online program (with 2 in-person field trips). 

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Nature Corner

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Note from Nature

Maybe you will not be called

With the coal held to your lips, 

The rush of wings of

Ambitious angels

Covering you.

Maybe you will not be called

On a night when your name is said

Out loud three times, 

And you start to shiver from being known.

Maybe the sea will not part for you,

Nor will you stand up in a small boat,

Command the storm to obey you,

And have the sky fall silent. 


But maybe you will be called by 

Fallen mustard seeds and 

Open-eyed dreams. 

Maybe you will be called by

The ordinary and the striking,

The places where your heart catches

More than once. 

Maybe you will find a fig given to you,

Or a promise,

Or your way home in the 

Growing dark.

Maybe you will know that

Your call is no less real

Because it comes with 

Seeds in your hand

And the taste of fruit in your mouth,

With a sound so soft

It could have just been the breeze,

But wasn’t.


—Laura Martin


Spiritual Practice Videos


I must say that the Monday morning meditations program was a Godsend during these endless days of the pandemic. Insightful photography combined with inspiring words. No better way to begin the work week than by awakening the senses and stirring the soul.
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