Deepening Oneness with the Divine and the Earth


The Center for Spirituality in Nature provides opportunities for deepening spirituality through nature, and for nurturing loving relationships with the Earth.


Our Programs


We offer a variety of programs, classes, walks, talks, meditative and spiritual practices and resources that provide individuals with guidance and encouragement for a regular, intimate, spiritual connection with the Earth.

Spirituality in Nature Groups (SINGs)

SING communities are forming across the nation to awaken, deepen and mindfully live out a spiritual relationship with the Divine and the natural world.


Wild Earth Spiritual Community

Coming from many faith traditions, Wild Earth Spiritual Community gathers regularly to honor the mutual indwelling of the Divine with the Earth through contemplative spiritual practices, music and wanderings.


Upcoming Events

Wild Earth Spiritual Community - Living Into the Promise of Threshold
Turkey Run Park
Online Book Discussion & Spiritual Study: The Hidden Lives of Trees
Online Event
God's Eye is on the Sparrow: Black Birding and Beyond
Online Event
Listening for the Divine in Nature: Early Morning Contemplative Nature Walk
Turkey Run Park

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Note from Nature

How again today our patron star
whose ancient vista is the long view
turns its wide brightness now and here:
Below, we loll outdoors, sing & make fire.
We build no henge
but after our swim, linger
by the pond. Dapples flicker
pine trunks by the water.
Buzz & hum & wing & song combine.
Light builds a monument to its passing.
Frogs content themselves in bullish chirps,
hoopskirt blossoms
on thimbleberries fall, peeper toads
hop, lazy—
                 Apex. The throaty world sings ripen.
Our grove slips past the sun’s long kiss.
We dress.
We head home in other starlight. 
Our earthly time is sweetening from this.
― Solstice by Tess Taylor


Nature Corner

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I am constantly in a state of awe, wonder, doubt and unsure of how best to use this "one wild and precious life". Being involved with your efforts along with my contemplative pockets of time are the moments I feel I’m doing the right thing.

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