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Payton Hoegh, Program Director

A budding faith leader discerning the priesthood in the Episcopal Church, Payton Hoegh is passionate about community weaving, ecology, environmentalism, agriculture, justice, and equity. He holds a Master's of Divinity from the Claremont School of Theology.


In the past decade, Payton has worked as a chaplain, coordinator, and director of a faith-based young adult service program as well as a communications professional specializing in creative digital design and storytelling for church and non-profit partners. 


Payton’s personal faith walk and his work in ministry are centered on connecting with the Divine in nature. He is an avid reader, hiker, trail-runner, and climber. His interest in eco-theology, church deconstruction, and liberated spaces for worship and spiritual connection led him to found the Church of All Wanderers, a small interfaith community that gathers in nature to hike, break bread, and together engage what it means to be a spiritual being in the contemporary world. 

Payton grew up splitting time between the creeks and forests of South-Eastern Virginia and the sprawling green fields of Iowa. Payton now lives with his wife, Jazmin, and cat, Zooey, in a tiny home on the outskirts of the Angeles National Forest. 

Payton would love to hear from you if you’d like to learn more about starting a SING in your area.

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