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Try This - Shedding naturally

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

During this late winter season, as spring is about to arrive, walk mindfully around a local park, or your own backyard. Take a few breaths to center yourself. See if you find some deciduous tree – probably an oak or a beech – that still has some of its leaves. Examine them closely. Are they hanging tough or about to fall? What is pushing them out? Will they disintegrate and provide the soil necessary for new growth? Perhaps have a conversation with the tree, or God through the tree if you prefer, and ask it: What would you like to teach me? Afterward, you might reflect on the following: Are you trying to forceably remove some areas of your spiritual life that just aren't necessary to let go of? Are there areas of your spiritual life that just need to be left alone to fall away on their own accord when they are ready? What might you learn from nature about your spiritual journey?

For more spiritual practices, check out the resources available on our website. And go deeper in nature with our spiritual practice e-book, Inside Out: Practices for Going Deeper In Nature

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