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Deepening Oneness with  Earth and the Divine


The Center for Spirituality in Nature provides opportunities for deepening spirituality through nature, and for nurturing loving relationships with the Earth.

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Our Programs


Join an Event

We offer outdoor programs, walks and gatherings designed to give participants the space and the tools to explore mindful attentiveness to the Divine in nature.

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Book a Talk

Trained in theology, spirituality and ecology, Executive Director, Beth Norcross is available for keynote talks, workshops or retreats.

Find Spiritual

We offer books, articles, helpful hints and specific practices to help you, and your community, integrate spirituality in nature into busy lifestyles.

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Start a Spirituality in Nature Group

Forming a Spirituality in Nature Group (SING) is a great way to explore spirituality in nature and learn about your local sacred ground with others. 


Upcoming Events

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And God Saw That It Was Good

A Spirituality Course Accompanying Ken Burns's film The National Parks: America's Best Idea

A one-of-a-kind 4-session spiritual study companion to the award-winning Ken Burns film. Through written guides paired with stunning footage, you'll explore how the national parks can teach us about our relationship with Earth & Divine Mystery. ​

Now Open!

Online, Self-Guided

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Forest Bathing for Spiritual Sustenance


June 5

Join us for a virtual forest

bathing program from your favorite outdoor spot.


Summer Book Study: Earth & Soul


Join us for a 3-week book study series examining the new book, Earth & Soul: Reconnecting Amid Climate Chaos by Leah Rampy. Explore how restored relationship with Earth can guide us forward as we imagine and create a world beyond climate chaos. 

Meets June 13 & 20

Image by Keegan Houser


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Nature Corner


Note from Nature

An expression of faith

In life Herself

Is to sow seeds into dark soil

Not knowing what awaits.

Returning to the patience




Practiced by our ancestors.

Who knew how to feed the hungers of time that call down the rains

With a simple song.

It is those kinds of people

Whose memory courses through my veins, like wild rivers.

Reminding me to wake up amidst the confusion

To do what must be done to feed the children.

To tuck vibrant seeds into fertile soil

And patiently tend the garden, back bent in service.

To those whose faces look up at us from the well worn path we walk.

The garden that our ancestors left for us is beautiful.

May we water it well with our tears and our laughter, our stories and our songs.

Today I choose to plant seeds of hope into the winds of an unknown future.

May we grow from this tiny seed of remembrance.

This intimate immensity.

Coming totally apart, emerging out of the hard shell of generations of protection and prayer; a seed coat tempered by love and loss, joy and pain.

Completely coming undone to reorient to this new form.


It's a New dawn.

The time to be those ancestors our grandchildren are waiting for is upon us.

What seeds are you sowing? 

–Rowen White

Monday Notes from Nature


I must say that the Monday morning meditations program was a Godsend during these endless days of the pandemic. Insightful photography combined with inspiring words. No better way to begin the work week than by awakening the senses and stirring the soul.

(Regarding a 2021 Lenten Meditation Program)

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