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Winter Solstice Walk | Audio Companion Only

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    Recorded as a complement to the Center’s Winter Solstice Walk Self-Guided Curriculum, this audio companion offers a guided mindful experience of spirituality in nature using the resources and practices of the Self-Guided curriculum. In this audio guide, the Center’s Program Director, Payton Hoegh, walks listeners through some of the recommended elements of the mindful walk curriculum including a short introduction to the experience, background and insight into spiritual wisdom during the solstice, a guided centering practice, reflection questions, invitation to spiritual practice, and a closing.


    The audio companion can be used on its own to offer a guided spirituality in nature walk experience or can be used along with the Self-Guided curriculum offering inspiration or added insight into what your spirituality in nature walk can look like. 



    We recommend that you play the audio file on your phone or .mp3 device and use headphones to engage the material while experiencing a mindful walk at a park or on a trail. The recording includes an introduction to the guided experience (~3.5 minutes) and a centering practice (~3 minutes) that we encourage you to listen to prior to starting your walk. Remember that this is a slow and intentional practice. These elements are meant to ground you in the mindful experience before your walk.


    Throughout the recording, Payton will offer reflection prompts and invite listeners to practices that will require you to pause the recording for times of independent engagement away from the audio guide. Remove your headphones and spend whatever time you need exploring these questions and practices before returning to the audio guide. Following the spiritual practice, you will be invited to walk quietly and attentively back to the trailhead before listening to a final closing practice to wrap up your experience and punctuate this intentional time in the natural world. The recording is approximately 20 minutes, while the length of the pauses to reflect will be up to you. 


    We hope you enjoy a wild and wonderful experience in nature that renews your spirit and reminds you of the awe and wisdom of the natural world!

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