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Summer Walk

  • As the hours of daylight increase towards their maximum at the summer solstice, nature is at its full peak of vitality and fecundity. Food is abundant. The forest is lush and bountiful. The architecture of the woods, so visible in winter, is now hidden by a cloak of green. In all its warmth and fertility, summer has much spiritual wisdom to offer as well.

  • Summer: Fertility, Abundance and Rest offers a step-by-step guide to either leading a spiritual two to three-hour nature walk in summer, or taking a solo walk, wherever you might live. It takes you through the community gathering, including a backgrounder on spirituality in summer, a primer on honoring the summer solstice, suggested spiritual practices, quotes, solo time and exploratory questions. It also gives information on what to bring, and some leader tips. While this guide is oriented towards group leadership, it can be easily adapted for a solo wander.

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