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Autumn Walk Guide + Audio Companion

  • This bundle includes our Autumn Spiritual Nature Walk pdf guide for a 2-3 hour walk for an individual or group along with an audio companion that offers a taste of the walk elements for individuals.




    Autumn Walk PDF Guide:

    Autumn: Finding Sabbath in Nature offers a step-by-step pdf guide to leading a spiritual two - three hour nature walk in autumn. It includes a backgrounder on spirituality in autumn, suggested spiritual practices, quotes, solo time and exploratory questions. It also gives information on what to bring, and some leader tips if you are gathering a group.


    Audio Companion:

    In this 17-minute audio guide, the Center’s Program Director, Payton Hoegh, walks listeners through the recommended elements of the mindful walk curriculum including a short introduction to the experience, background and insight into the spiritual wisdom of Autumn, a guided centering practice, reflection questions, invitation to spiritual practice, and a closing.


    For more details on each of these, please visit their individual listings:

    Autumn Walk Guide

    Audio Companion

  • The Guide and Audio Companion are digital items.


    The Autumn Walk Self-Guide is a downloadable PDF and the Audio Companion is an MP3 file. Both will be offered for download in a link immediately after purchase. You will also receive an email with a link to download the items that is good for 30 days.


    Should you need the link sent again or need any assistance, please email 



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