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The Spiritual Wisdom of Trees
Spiritual Practices

While we hope that you find the videos to be enriching and engaging,  we know that there is no substitute for spending time outdoors, learning intimately and directly from the trees themselves.


With each video session, we have included a suggested practice. Understanding that time and energy for spiritual practice is a very personal matter, we strongly suggest spending as much time as you are able with the practices we introduce, so that you might integrate as much wisdom as possible into your life well beyond the time of this course.

Tips to help you make the most of your practice time:

  • Set aside a specific practice time, each day if possible.


  • You might find it helpful to schedule your practice for the same time throughout the week. 

  • Make it as convenient for yourself as possible to commit to the practices. 

  • Commit to at least 15-20 minutes for a practice and then extend the time as it feels right. 

  • As you come to the practice, try to intentionally set aside thoughts, worries, plans, and expectations. Allow space so that you can be open, present and available to the wisdom being offered to you. 

  • Listen to what’s right for you and let the practice evolve to support you.

  • Seek to listen with your heart -- your full self -- rather than engage intellectually. Pay particular attention to the physical feelings within your body. There is much wisdom there that we tend to ignore. 

  • Trust the Spirit. Don’t try to force it, and don’t worry if you don’t sense a specific outcome; practice is cumulative and will likely take some time before we see how it’s working in us.

  • At the end of each practice, allow time to notice how you are feeling and to take that in. Each practice has questions for reflection. Journal, sketch or reflect in your own way with any or all questions that seem to speak to you.

  • Complete your practice with an offering of gratitude and reciprocity for the tree and other beings who have spent time with you, and for Spirit if that feels right to you. Thank the tree and ask what it might ask of you.

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