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Alycia Ashburn, Board Co-Chair

Alycia Ashburn currently serves as Outreach Consultant/Coordinator to Ohio Interfaith Power and Light. Until recently, she was the Creation Care Campaign Director for Sojourners in Washington, DC. She has a wealth of experience and a passion for working with people of faith to be strong advocates for environmental and stewardship policy, including founding the Congregations Caring for Creation network in Minnesota and active work in Lutherans Restoring Creation.

Alycia is part of the GreenFaith Fellowship Program, a comprehensive education and training program to prepare lay and ordained leaders from diverse religious traditions for environmental leadership. When she is not sharing her passion for restoring creation in a professional setting, Alycia loves to be outdoors with her husband, Andrew, exploring a new hiking trail, going for a jog, photographing flowers and landscapes or looking for cool bugs.

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