the need

Our increasingly busy, scattered lives separate us from the rich interrelationships with our fellow creatures, and as a result, separate us from a significant way of knowing God.



Our ancestors’ first experiences of God were in and through the natural world.  They saw God infused in every aspect of nature, so much so that the Hebrews used the same word - ruach - to describe Spirit, wind and breath. The Center for Spirituality in Nature re-connects us with that faith story; through nature, we come back to the Garden, to the sojourn with Moses in the wilderness, to Jesus’ baptism by the Jordan.


Our disconnect with God and the rest of the natural world informs our behavior towards the earth and contributes to the precarious state of our ecological systems  -- which in turn puts at risk humans and non-humans, particularly those who live at the margins --- those whom Jesus called out for special attention.  By reconnecting us with the wisdom of nature infused in our faith story, we reconnect with our deepest selves; we reconnect with the Creator and with the creation.