Try This - Experiencing Incarnation

December 12, 2016

Take a few deep breaths. Close your eyes. Slowly scan through your body head to toe, identifying any tension, tightness or pain. Do a brief check-in with your mood. Are you happy, anxious, fearful, neutral? Breathe in and out slowly and methodically, paying close attention to the breath itself. Feel it come into your nose and see if you can follow it as it moves through your body all the way through exhalation. 

When you feel centered, lightly drop the following question into your meditation: How is God incarnate in you? Ask it to yourself in the third person as if asking it to a friend. Try not to think about it, but see what comes up from the inside out. Perhaps nothing will come. That’s fine. 

Continue this practice for whatever time you have. You might find you need to take a break from the question and re-ask it. Like any other practice, don’t force it. Feel what comes. 

At the end of your meditation, slowly open your eyes and return to the physical world. You might carry the question with you throughout the day and see what bubbles up. 

Other spiritual practices can be found on our website.

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