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Image by Annie Spratt

Find a Spirituality
in Nature Group

SINGs all over the country are meeting to deepen spirituality in nature and engage with others in active, loving relationship with Earth.

Whether it complements your other spiritual communities or is your primary spiritual community, a SING offers the opportunity to explore together, share reflections and delight in the natural systems of which we are a part.


Find a SING near you and connect with them today! 

Episcopal Church of St. Martin

Davis, California

St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Ventura, California

Ventura, California

Bethany House and Garden

Topeka, Kansas

Diocese of Mississippi & Episcopal Church of the Resurrection

Starkville, Mississippi

St. Christopher's Episcopal Church

Gladwyne, Pennsylvania

CultivateVTS at Virginia Theological Seminary

Alexandria, Virginia

St Mary’s Arlington FishSING

Arlington, Virginia


SING near you not listed here? Find a complete list of active SINGs and learn more about the program here. Contact Payton Hoegh with any questions you may have. 


Being in nature is an embodied experience. There's something about the literal act of walking with others, sharing conversations with others on the path, helping each other along the ledges and curves. For me, experiences like that seem to sink directly into my spirit.
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