Program Areas

We offer a variety of programs, classes, webinars, talks, gatherings and resources, for both individuals and groups, designed to reconnect us with, and live into, our deeply rooted relationship with our sacred earth community and the Divine Spirit that enlivens it.


Our programs are especially oriented towards helping participants integrate mindfulness and attentiveness to the Divine in nature into their everyday lives. We welcome those who come from within, and outside of, traditional faith communities.

The Need

We live in a time of extraordinary planetary challenge. We are already feeling its

effects in higher temperatures, extreme weather and accelerated species extinction.

The uncertainty, anxiety, guilt and fear with living in an increasingly precarious

environment can be overwhelming. Ecological despair is more and more widespread.

At the same time, people – particularly young people – are less and less likely to look

to traditional religious institutions for comfort and guidance. The Pew Research

Center’s Religious Landscape Study shows a distinct rise of the “nones” – those

individuals that have no religious affiliation, over one third of whom are under 30.

Unlike their more religious counterparts, only 40% of the nones reported feeling a

sense of spiritual peace and well-being at least once a week, with 32% seldom or never

having such an experience.