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The Center for Spirituality in Nature offers intimate experiences in nature that deepen spirituality and encourage a lived, loving relationship with the earth and the Divine.


Reconnecting with the Divine Spirit in nature offers us the opportunity to live more centered, peaceful and fulfilling lives. Through regular, mindful attention to this Spirit, we form sacred communities, in which humans see themselves as loving participants within a rich web of creation. And, if we listen carefully to the sacred in nature, we can absorb the wisdom needed to heal our human selves, and transform our broken relationship with the earth to one of health and wholeness.













We offer a variety of programs, classes, webinars, talks, gatherings and resources, for both individuals and groups, designed to reconnect us with our deeply rooted relationship with the earth community and the Divine Spirit that enlivens it. Our programs are especially oriented towards helping participants integrate mindfulness and attentiveness to the Divine in nature into their everyday lives.


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We warmly welcome everyone to our programs and gatherings. While we often draw from the Christian story, we also include elements of many different traditions. Individuals and communities of all faiths – or no-faith – are respected and encouraged to participate.